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We believe that every individual lives stories worth telling on stage. Our workshops provide tools for transposing these true stories into theater by delving into the crafts of writing, directing, design and collaborative devising. Using the non-illusory aesthetic, participants will create new work and sharpen skills for performance that can be applied in any professional setting—whether in the arts field or beyond. All experience levels are welcome.

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Level One: Neo-Futurist Fundamentals

Cost: $300

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In this 12-hour introductory workshop, participants will be taught the fundamentals of the Neo-Futurist aesthetic: performing as your authentic self, dismantling the fourth wall, creating task-based theatre, and how to eliminate writer’s block. By the end of this workshop, participants will have written, performed and workshopped both individual and collectively written short plays.

Instructors: TBD

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Level Two: Developing Your Artistic Process and Practice

Cost: $300

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Our Level Two workshop is a journey deeper into the Neo-Futurist aesthetic. Participants will be given writing prompts that challenge them to develop their existing body of work. Focusing on deconstruction and revision, participants will create dialogue plays, anti-plays and high-concept, low-budget theater within the Neo-Futurist aesthetic. This class will also build upon on each participant’s strengths as performers. With more personal and detailed feedback from instructors, participants will learn to critically analyze their writing and emerge with polished, ready to be performed, material. (Pre-requisite: Level One or previous participation in our audition callback process).


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Level Three: Collaboration, Creation, & Performance


Cost: $400

In our Level III workshop, delve into the mechanics of creating and collaborating within an ensemble. Participants will create movement pieces, adaptive work, and plays that change the space with spectacle—in service of a full, balanced menu of plays. The class culminates in a workshop performance of the participants’ work, taking the participants through the Neo-Futurist collaborative process of creating an Infinite Wrench show – beginning with a pitch session, then a group rehearsal and, finally, the public performance. (Pre-requisites: Level One, Level Two)

NOTE: This workshop is three days in three consecutive weeks, PLUS rehearsal and an hour-long performance.

Instructors: TBD

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