TML Frequent Flyer

TML Frequent Flyer club

Become an official member of the TML Frequent Flyer Club! We partnered with the good folks at LoyalBlocks to offer you sweet rewards and free stuff. Here’s how to do it…

1. Download the LoyalBlocks app. Click here.

Or text “punch” to 62687 or go to on your phone.

2. Scan our QR code after you pay your entry fee at the door at T.M.L.M.T.B.G.B.

3. Earn super sweet rewards!

Why the f**k should I do this? Let us explain. Yes, we know you have tons of apps!

Whether your coming to the show for the first time or your coming back, we want to reward the good peeps that support us (that would be you). See the show 5x and get in the 6th show for FREE!

Did you know that you can see the show for free during your birthday month? You’re welcome. Simply show your ID at the door. The app will send you a reminder of said prize.

We embrace Change. Chance. Chaos. Get punched and you may be randomly rewarded. This could change your life. Or at least add an extra buzz.

And finally, because we heart you so hard, that’s why. We do, we seriously do. We write plays for YOU.

– The New York Neo-Futurists