The Human Symphony


“A thrilling upheavel of conventional storytelling.” Backstage

bestbetBlackfinal“With an eye to its title, this play beautifully delves into the intricacies of humanity with pathos and fun. Brace yourself for an enthralling night of watching interesting people perform interesting people’s stories.”

– Theatre Is Easy

“Playful and compassionate… he’s on to something. In uniting these spectators in the same space while dividing them by separate tracks, he’s creating an analogy for the way the Internet both brings us together and sanctions our apartness.” – The New York Times

A “unique theatrical experience” –The New Yorker

“A technically specific, amazingly choreographed and incredibly imaginative performance.” –Stage Buddy

“Pure Gold” TDF

First hand accounts of internet dating in NYC create the narrative for this unique theatrical mosaic performed by a different cast of randomly selected audience members at each show. Directed solely through instructional mp3 tracks, these “performers” are guided through a theatrical Rube Goldberg experience. The remaining audience members witness this action unfold as they listen to the stories that the instructional choreography illustrates. To view photos of the show click here.

TICKETS: $18 in Advance. $15 Student with ID (must show ID at Will Call). $20 at the door. Due to the popularity of this event, advanced ticket purchase is strongly recommended.

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WHEN: Now through February 14

PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: Mon, Wed-Sat at 8pm, Sun at 3pm. No Tuesday performances.

WHERE: NEW OHIO THEATRE (154 Christopher St., Ste.,1E, NY, NY 10014)

Watch what people are saying….

Watch & listen to Neo Dylan talk about the show…

Dylan Marron. Creator/Director.
Ben Ahles. Set Designer.
Meg Bashwiner. Dramaturg & Production Manager.
Nicole Hill. Projection Designer.
Sophie Kurtze. Stage Manager.
Sarah Livant. Lighting Designer.
Daniel Mirsky. Projection Designer.
Kyra Sims. Music Director.
Hadley Todoran. Production Assistant.
You. Performer.