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yoshi kuroi, Managing Director
Intern Coordinator
yoshi kuroi is spelled in all lower-case letters and if you spell their name correctly in your intern application, you will get bonus points.

As a natural result of having dual citizenship between Canada and the United Kingdom, yoshi is very charming and has bright eyes. In 2007, a group of people who did not know yoshi very well voted that she was the most likely of the group to become involved with the New York Neo-Futurists. The group was not wrong.

yoshi has been heavily involved in the performing arts for their entire life, studying at great length: acting, costuming, improvisation, stage combat, stage managing, directing, producing, and writing; whilst also dabbling in lighting design, sound design, set design, dramaturgy, & film.

That one time, yoshi directed J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan: The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up” and it was pretty sweet. He’s the hero the Neo-Futurists deserve.

….He’s Batman.


Justin Cornell, Technical Director

Justin started doing theater in New York after graduating from Ramapo College in 2010. Since then, he has made a series of reckless choices that have led him to the New York Neo-Futurists and—perhaps– to his doom. In addition to his stage management & technician work, Justin has written two plays that have premiered in New York’s Planet Connections Festival: Nothing’s Going To Happen (Gene Frankel Theater, 2013) and Getting Away With It (Paradise Factory, 2014). He enjoys using theater to create with the audience a shared set of expectations, and then playing with those expectations. He also enjoys hiking, barbecue, and the American folk music revival of the 1950s. He does not normally enjoy writing about himself in the third person, but for you? Anything.

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Anthony Dean, Technical Collaborator
Anthony is a pretty cool guy. Don’t believe me? You should see his puppet collection. Although he takes much pride in his puppets, he is so much more than that. He is currently studying music and theater at Wesleyan University focussing his studies on experimental composition and design. Instrument skills include: bass, piano, guitar, mandolin, vibraphone, percussion, trombone, kazoo, tin whistle, light board (get it because tech?!?) On most any given day, Anthony is baking a tasty lil’ treat, so if you have any requests for cookies, cupcakes, or breads, please let him know­ who knows what might happen! (but actually do you want to check out my puppet collection?)


Hadley Todoran, Technical Collaborator
Hadley first saw the New York Neo-Futurists perform on November 9th, 2013 and the company hasn’t been able to get rid of them since. They were an NYNF intern for a year and a half as well as the production assistant on the company’s 2015 primetime show The Human Symphony. Hadley is also a freelance stage manager and part-time librarian. They are also known as Hajnar Jones (credit to Neo Alumnus Dylan Marron). Hadley’s gender identity can best be described with a combination of noncommittal grunts and a vague hand gesture. Hadley can Tetris anything. Hadley is the princess.

Sophie-headshotSophie Kurtze, Technical Collaborator
Hailing from a small town outside of Baltimore best known for its delicious frozen custard and quirky meth-cooking psychic, Sophie is a fiercely protective Sarah Lawrence College graduate with a fluid sexuality and penchant for the underdog. She keeps her extensive body modification budget in a spreadsheet on her Google Drive and has a healthy level of appreciation for the early 2000’s pop-punk musical movement.

She first fell in love with theatre when she was 8 and a woman at her church’s variety show taught her how to peel a banana with her toes. Since then Sophie has jumped feet-first into pretty much every aspect of theatre production from set construction, to electrics, to sound design, to stage management, to producing, and she ain’t done yet.

Recent accomplishments: putting her pants on the right way around this morning.

lupin glare copyT. Sydney Bergeron Mikus, Technical Collaborator
Sydney is a Scorpio from the Street Piano Capitol of the World: Lancaster, PA. (No, she’s not Amish.) When she was little, she used to play in the woods at her then-best friend’s home. Once, they found a school bus full of skeletons. That memory may be false. Sydney spends most of her time studying sustainable textile development at The New School, exploring galleries, going to shows, or recharging her introvert battery in her Brooklyn apartment. She is passionate about curation of persona through social media, and celebrity as performance art. She make the best pie crust you’ll ever eat. Sometimes she writes for NYLON.