Rob Neill, Artistic Director

Rob Neill has performed in the Broadway production of London Assurance as well as the National Tour of Peter and the Starcatcher. His original work has been produced at numerous experimental theatres, including P.S.122, The Ontological Theatre, The Public Theatre, and HERE. He has taught master classes and workshops at various institutions including Brooklyn College, NYU, and Texas State University and was a 2017 Distinguished Artist in Residence at the University of Rhode Island. Previously, Neill studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, The National Theatre Institute, and Grinnell College. Neill has performed with the Neo-Futurists in: Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, The Infinite Wrench, Laika Dog in Space, Short Term Directions, Monkeyland, Tightening, and (un)afraid.

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yoshi kuroi, Managing Director
yoshi kuroi is spelled in all lower-case letters and if you spell their name correctly in your intern application, you will get bonus points.

As a natural result of having dual citizenship between Canada and the United Kingdom, yoshi is very charming and has bright eyes. In 2007, a group of people who did not know yoshi very well voted that she was the most likely of the group to become involved with the New York Neo-Futurists. The group was not wrong.

yoshi has been heavily involved in the performing arts for their entire life, studying at great length: acting, costuming, improvisation, stage combat, stage managing, directing, producing, and writing; whilst also dabbling in lighting design, sound design, set design, dramaturgy, & film.

That one time, yoshi directed J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan: The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up” and it was pretty sweet. He’s the hero the Neo-Futurists deserve.

….He’s Batman.


Anthony Dean, Technical Director

Anthony is a sound artist, a theater designer, and a proud capricorn. They have been with the Neo-Futurists since 2015, and have put lights in boxes, lights on tubes, lights on various body parts – please contact with more places to put lights. Anthony composes and designs electro-acoustic sound for theater, film, radio, and art installations, currently pursuing an M.F.A in Sound Art from Columbia University. 

For more on Anthony, visit


Hadley Todoran, Technical Collaborator
Hadley first saw the New York Neo-Futurists perform on November 9th, 2013 and the company hasn’t been able to get rid of them since. They were an NYNF intern for a year and a half as well as the production assistant on the company’s 2015 primetime show The Human Symphony. Hadley is also a freelance stage manager and part-time librarian. They are also known as Hajnar Jones (credit to Neo Alumnus Dylan Marron). Hadley’s gender identity can best be described with a combination of noncommittal grunts and a vague hand gesture. Hadley can Tetris anything. Hadley is the princess.

Léah Miller, Technical Collaborator
Léah (pronounced like Princess General Organa) is over the moon at the opportunity to shine literal and figurative light on a magical group of magic-makers. They joined this ragtag band of heroes as an intern in 2017 and soon caught the bug for gaffing down power strips. When they’re not climbing into the booth at the Kraine, you can find them hosting a podcast about queer aesthetics called Looking/Feeling/Queering, stage managing productions in NY and LA, at venues like Dixon Place and Target Margin Theater, and mentoring teens at a summer camp in TN. You might also find them baking Challah, checking out 30 library books at a time, or hanging fairy lights in every room they enter.

David Haan, Technical Collaborator


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