Soft Hydraulics

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Who is pulling your strings?

The NEW YORK NEO-FUTURISTS present Soft Hydraulics, an evening of five diverse, one-act plays exploring the relationships between puppet and master that arise in our hyper-kinetic world. Drawing inspiration from online dating testimonials, 1970’s Kung Fu movies, New York City wildlife, parasomnia sleep disorders and the history of modern warfare, these plays adhere to the Neo-Futurist aesthetic of non-illusory, athletic theatre. Exploring the ever-increasing conflict between man and machine in a contemporary context, Soft

Hydraulics is rooted in honest storytelling, puppet manipulation and immediate performance. This exciting, new production marks the New York Neo-Futurists’ first developmental partnership with Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s Standard ToyKraft.

Performed and Written by

Cara Francis, Christopher Loar, Daniel McCoy, Joe Basile, and Dylan Marron


All performances @ 8:00 PM.



Standard ToyKraft
722 Metropolitan Avenue, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Just off the Graham Ave. L stop

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Play Descriptions


KILLING TREES is an exploration of our relationships with “urban wildlife” using puppets made entirely of recycled paper. In one of the world’s most built-up and human-controlled environments, how do entropic systems of animal and vegetable in turn control us?


Defined as unwanted and involuntary behaviors during sleep, this project investigates the lives of a population of people suffering from parasomnias.  The project explores “the strange and the beautiful” occurrences that have plagued our families, friends, and neighbors in their sleep.  How does the quality of our sleep alter the human body, mind, and spirit?


With so many people turning to the internet to meet romantic partners we are bringing new meaning to the term ‘Love At First Sight’. The rules of courtship are being actively re-written as people turn from organic, in-person first meetings to pre-meditated dates with people who are discovered through code and algorithms.


SECRET ORDER is a live remix of the Shaw brother’s classic 1970s Kung Fu film Shaolin Master Killer [The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.] Set in an office made of found materials, four employees lip-sync samples from the film until they transcend their aesthetic oppression by creating a puppet.


REMOTE is the story of technology’s impact on the ethics of warfare and our personal, human connection to it. Using six pairs of hands to plan and execute campaigns of destruction as well as compassion, the piece will investigate fairness and simplicity in combat while becoming increasingly burdened with innovations in military technology.