Corporate Workshop

Bring the New York Neo-Futurists to your office!

This unique workshop based in storytelling, is designed to strengthen confidence and communication, while bringing creativity to center stage in personal and professional life. Based on the Neo-Futurist approach to writing and performance, it focuses on developing a heightened awareness, and presenting personal experiences in order to find a greater meaning in everyday life. The aim is to empower and affirm the lives of the participants and get them to a point of bringing that personal creativity to the workplace.


In the workshop with professional theater artists, participants learn how to weave observation with imagination to create a powerful storytelling experience. They learn how to draw from personal experiences and cultivate extraordinary ideas from the seemingly ordinary. Through a fun series of exercises, participants hone these skills and develop the ability to use different communication methods to convey a message. Each workshop culminates with world premiere plays by every participant!

This workshop supports a variety of leadership education goals.

Topics addressed:

• Getting out of your comfort zone.
• Finding freedom within limitations.
• Using ambiguity to fuel creativity.
• Authenticity is worth the risk.
• Bringing your whole self to work.

Companies we have worked with recently:

• Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
• ESPN the Magazine
• Johnson & Johnson
• General Electric
• Military Auto Source


What past participants are saying:

“It was very freeing to let my mind go where the story was taking me, AND I felt safe enough to get up and participate in the final challenge (really outside my comfort zone!!) and really enjoyed it.”

“The storytelling workshop was another reinforcement of how things change in the course of your day and its how you approach the situation and embrace the changes.”

“I will carry some of these lessons with me for a long time.”

“It did a lot to open the group up creatively and allow people to demonstrate flexibility and creativity in a safe environment.”


For more information about bringing the Neos to your office, please contact Neo Rob Neill at He’ll be happy to elaborate on the specifics of the workshop and how it can benefit your office.