We traditionally hold auditions annually.

Next Audition Dates

If you would like to request an audition appointment, please contact and include a resume and a photo. If you are unable to attend both full days of callbacks you cannot audition. Space is limited. Please review our FAQ section below.

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What do I need to prepare?

  • You will need to perform an original piece less than two minutes in length that reflects who you are, how you express yourself, and/or how you experience the world around you.
  • Two hard copies of the piece that you wrote for your audition.
  • At least three digital writing samples (submittable via email).
  • A résumé.
  • A headshot or photograph.

It is strongly recommended that, prior to auditioning, you familiarize yourself with the kind of work that is in The Infinite Wrench by either attending a performance or watching some of our past short plays (some of which are available on our YouTube channel).

What exactly would I be auditioning for?
This is unlike most auditions in that we are not casting a show. If you are an actor looking to work on a show for a few weeks, we wish you the best, but this is probably not the place for you. We are looking for artistic partners, people to be a part of the New York Neo-Futurists for the foreseeable future.

What are you looking for in an artist?
The celebration of artistic components that do not allow for complacency: chaos, constant change, planned obsolescence, submission to chance and events beyond your control, time, danger, and the possibility of failure, and the capacity to believe that, through the Neo-Futurist aesthetic, you have the capacity to change how people see theater, art in general, and even the world around them. We are looking for people from all walks of life–we love seeing a diversity of gender, race, age, orientation, ability, and personal viewpoints in our audition room.

What exactly is Neo-Futurism?
While there are many components to Neo-Futurism, the one inviolable rule that we hold sacrosanct is that every aspect of a Neo-Futurist performance must be REAL:  

  • Neo-Futurists do not play characters; they are called by their real names, relate true stories, and express honest feelings.
  • Neo-Futurists do not pretend to perform any action; all tasks are real. Failure is an option.
  • Neo-Futurists do not transport the audience or themselves to any other setting; the only ‘time’ and ‘place’ in a Neo-Futurist plays is ‘here’ and ‘now.’ There is no fourth wall in a Neo-Futurist performance. The audience is acknowledged, sometimes addressed, sometimes even involved.

What sort of commitment is required in being a Neo-Futurist?
As a Neo-Futurist you are expected to:  

  • For a minimum of 26 weeks per year (in your first year), take part in the writing, production, performance, and direction for the show we run every Friday & Saturday night in the village, The Infinite Wrench. Each week a company member is active in the show is occupied by three long nights of rehearsal & performance, plus any additional time required to memorize lines and write new plays.
  • Serve as part of an ensemble in an egalitarian company with the rest of the NY Neo-Futurists.
  • Prepare for and attend monthly business meetings.
  • Prepare for and attend scheduled company functions (e.g. benefits, conferences, workshops, retreats, etc.)
  • Serve as an active producer and promoter of the company.
  • As you can see, this is quite a bit. This commitment is not just yours, either. Talk to your spouses/partners/children/needy pets before auditioning. The schedule can be punishing, and while you’ll get incredible satisfaction from all the art you’ll create, all they’ll get is punished. Make sure everybody who matters knows what you’d be getting into in advance.

So does this schedule mean that I can’t perform in other productions?
It means that you will find it difficult to do so, certainly in the first year as a Neo-Futurist. Many Neo-Futurists do find time to engage in projects outside of Neo-Futurism (as well as Neo-Futurist projects outside of The Infinite Wrench). As you get acclimated to how being a Neo-Futurist impacts your day-to-day, you will learn how be more efficient with the other aspects of your life and be able to plan accordingly.

What will the audition space be like?
Depends on the day you come. It will most likely be in a rehearsal space. This is for certain, though: you will be auditioning for the entire artistic arm of the company, so there will be quite a few people watching you.

I have a monologue that I wrote in which I reveal to my sister…
Whoa – your sister’s coming to your audition?

Well, no.
You’re going to call your sister during your audition?

Don’t do that monologue. What you’re proposing to do is completely anathema to the Neo-Futurist aesthetic; performing anything like this will make it difficult to assess your work.

Okay. Can I talk to the auditors during my piece?
Absolutely. A large part of Neo-Futurism is acknowledging the given circumstances which, in this case, is going to involve having a group of people watch and evaluate your work. You have the option of not only acknowledging this situation, but using it. If you need someone to talk to – we’re there. Talk to us. Please don’t talk to an invisible character in the room.

Any other tips?
We are overjoyed and frankly flattered that you want to be a part of our theatre company. However, we would love for your audition piece to not be about wanting to be in our theatre company. The fact that you have taken all this time out of your busy life to be here with us is proof enough. Your piece should help us to better understand who you are as a person.

I’m not an actor, so you don’t really want to see me, right?
We don’t act, so we couldn’t care less that you’re not an actor. Quite a few Neo-Futurists are not trained at all as actors. Primarily, we are writers. We are interested in performing our own writing and composing pieces for others to perform. Note that we ARE performers, and if you’re only interested in the writing element, this probably isn’t for you.

What sort of writing samples should I bring?
If you have writing that falls within the confines of the Neo-Futurist aesthetic, great! The actual audition piece that you present should be Neo-Futurist, but if you don’t have any other Neo-Futurist writing beyond your audition, that’s okay. Your writing samples should, above all, showcase your patently unique voice as a writer.

Gah! All of your appointments are taken! What do I do?
You will be given a slot on the waiting list. If you don’t have the luxury of sitting around all day waiting for an appointment, you may have to wait until next time. In the future, make sure to get yourself on our mailing list. With that comes the privilege of being among the first people to hear that we are holding auditions.

When will you hold auditions again?
We assess our company’s personnel needs every year around the same time, and, if needed, hold auditions in the late winter.

Do I need to quit my day job if I am cast?
NO! And we say that emphatically not to celebrate your current day-job, but to impress upon you that we do not pay a living wage. We don’t want you to starve. We encourage you to accrue great wealth, but we can neither facilitate nor enable your road to riches.

Would I get paid at all?
There is a modest weekly stipend for the toil ensemble members contribute to The Infinite Wrench. In addition, there are opportunities for paid performances outside the regular Infinite Wrench rotation, including primetime Neo-Futurist shows, teaching workshops, and various Infinite Wrench gigs.

I auditioned before and I wasn’t cast. Will I be wasting my time if I audition again?
Not at all. Many Neo-Futurists in the company’s history (in both New York and Chicago) have had to put their hat into the ring more than once before being cast. Maybe you had something to learn about how to better get our attention. Maybe we have something to learn about how to view your work. Give us another chance; we’ll give you one too. Feel free to solicit advice or feedback in advance of your audition if you need guidance on your piece.

Blah blah blah blah blah. I want an appointment.
Send an email to Attach a resume and a picture. You’ll be given further instructions from there.

I don’t know if I’m ready for this, but I really want to be involved. Is there any other way to wave the flag of Neo-Futurism without sacrificing my entire life right now?
You’re not alone! We have a wonderful network of support in the volunteers that so graciously and lovingly help us do what we do – house managers, tech associates, committee members, the board of directors, and so on. Even if you don’t think you have anything in particular to contribute, let us know that you’d like to be on the team and we’ll make room! Also If you’re student, we have an internship program for which you can receive credit.